Thursday, September 22, 2005

FNN Hot Links, 9.22.05

Yay! I came up with a better title!
1. Final Fantasy Advent Children OST to be released in Japan on the 9.28.05, some tracks can be previewed on the SE.
2. Free 411? Yeah, it's true thanks to consumer targeted advertising @ 1800-free411.
3. to appeal their case after receiving guilty verdict earlier in court.
4. Survey finds blogs relieve stress, wow this is the thing with Americans taking completely mundane facts and blowing money to study them just so they can sound smart.


Anonymous said...

Blog Censorship Handbook Released
A handbook offering advice on bloggers protecting themselves from recrimination and censors was released by Reporters Without Borders.
Hi, I was just blog surfing and found you! If you are interested, go see my art nouveau related site. It isnt anything special but you may still find something of interest.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Akron comments a little stale
Yawn. Here we go again. I think I'll do this one with my eyes closed. Or maybe with one arm tied behind my back.
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