Friday, November 04, 2005

FNN 11.04.05

TGIF, I'm beat from a week of hardship, strife, and anguish (OH THE HUMANITY)! Anyway, today I'd like to show off 2 new photos on Flaga Flickr:
1. Water Lily: Photoshop of a bishoujo with a lotus flower in the background, the flower was shot in Beijing, China.
2. Starbucks: And speaking of Beijing, China did you know there was a Starbucks in the Forbidden city? No, joke and no photoshop!
That's all folks for the pretty, and on to todays headlines:
3. MIT $100 Laptop: Revealed a model of the mini-miracle for underprivilged children of third world countries.
4. RIAA 2 Years LaTeR: Don't you hate the alternating CAPS? Well not as much as some people dislike the RIAA. Read how America's coping with their anger issue two years down the line.
5. Firefox Fanfare: Mozilla high in market share of web browsers shown by BBC analysts, but still far behind Microsoft IE.
6. Sony Screw-Up: Sony's hidden rootkit installation on music CDs is seriously screwing up the company reputation especially with males 18-30, i.e. the BIGGEST marketing demographic. Can we ever trust Sony again? Let's just say the PS3 had better be gooood...

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