Saturday, January 07, 2006

Google Pack

For the n00bs out there it's Google Pack! Fresh with everything you'll ever need to be owned by Google for the rest of your life! Let's all download and pay homage to the Google god.

Google Pack


Faranak T said...

No ,it 's incorrect someone has read your blog !!!
ME ;)
(you said it has no reader yet ,in your explanation about your blog )
i want to ask you a question : you 've added photos to your profile i donno how i can do it !
although i have a fliker account .
plz .
i remind you that i have a problem in adding a photo to my OPROFILE not my BLOG
i'll be soooooooooo happy if you can help me

BOAS said...

Hey faranak t, thanks for reading. You can add a photo to your account from the Blogger dashboard. Click on the "Edit Profile" link and provide an external link to the picture you want in the Photo URL form. Hope that helps.
P.S. to add photos randomly to your actual blog you'll need to change the HTML code of your blog template.