Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today in Tech

So a lot of good stuff happened in the Tech world today that BOAS thought it was worth mentioning:
1. XP on Mac! Maybe... Yeah, narf2006 on the Mac World Forums has claimed to boot Windows XP on a Mac; but the only proof currently are some flickr still pics.
2. Massage Milk Mischief: A Chinese blog called Massage Milk staged its' own shut down unto which western media immediately picked up on and attributed to Chinese government censorship. The blog own says that he did it to teach those westerners a lesson. HA... it's not that funny.
3. Arrrghh: The Pirate Bay based in Sweden has yet again mocked the American media industry by blatantly disregarding all their threats, yet still going strong!
4. Zoomr: Kristopher Tate (17 years old, I don't know why this shocks people) has developed what seems a better web picture hosting service than Flickr, all in the span of three months.

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