Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Episodes

Now that most of the first episodes of the new spring anime have been aired it's a good time to give BOAS' impressions.
1. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu: This may well be the second best anime currently airing. With a good blend of slapstick, satire, and stupidity Suzumiya is like nothing else out there. The ending sequence itself is now legendary.
2. Nana ナナアニメ: The best anime of the new season, this brings back the comedy and joy that made the manga so so good. BOAS is absolutely in love with Nana.
3. xxxHolic: Redefining the length of limbs since 2006 CLAMP went a little too far with their proportions this time. Overall great anime with spot on voice actors and dancing Mokonas!
4. Ouran High School Host Club: There are just no words to describe the absolute weirdness of this anime. Something like a mix of an American chick-flick with good'ole bishonens and MOE added to the mix.
5. Strawberry Panic: Think cuter version of Maria-sama ga Miteru plus a very disturbing ending sequence. Still, who doesn't want to watch anime anime without guys in it?
6. ARIA the Natural: Calm, peaceful, but never dull ARIA returns skipping on its heals with more cute cute mock European atmosphere. I just like an anime where no one runs or needs to run.
7. Soul Link: Looks promising check back later, beyond that not too interesting...
8. Utawarerumono: I like to think that I didn't have a thing for cat girls before Utawarerumono; now that's all changed. There's just something so MOE about touching a girls tail without her permission.
9. Joshikousei: For an anime named "High School Girls" it's not that good. Centered on crude jokes and back physical humor this anime claims to describe realistic high school girl experience. Although I have no idea what that may be I seriously doubt anyone would sink that low as to shave there and not dispose of the remnants.
10. Disgaea: Don't let the look fool you this is pretty funny. With cliche characters, hypercute artwork, and decent voice acting this may well be a great satire into fantasy adventure.

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