Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Enough with the Yu-gi-oh TM

Is it me or has anyone else noticed that Yugi/Yami/Pharoh has completely dominated all the cover art for the North American releases of the Shonen Jump magazine series? I mean come on, yeah I know they're using bland associations to boost sales but isn't all this quite enough. The manga version of Yugioh is so different from its' fox-kids-afied anime counterpart that anyone who bought the magazine for that would be sorely disappointed. For example, in the manga version of Yugioh: Kaiba kills people, there's a baby in a bunny suit that constantly gropes Anzu, and Yugi or whatever has no quarrels with sending numberous people to their equivalent of damnation. JUST STOP WITH THE COVERS, I'd like to see some more of Hikaru no Go or Naruto.

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