Friday, September 30, 2005

All The Ye Long Day

I've been working going to classes, all the ye long day. No real bursts of insight today but if you don't wanna look like such a n00b operating Windows then try these applications.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

FNN Hot Links, 9.29.05

1. Falling Feathers: The Tsubasa Chronicle OST #2 is out but really falls far short of the first TCOST, they don't even have the Japanese version of "You Are My Love" sung by Yui Makino.
2. NGE^KKNJ <-> RK (don't understand? Read up on your connective operators and biconditional implications of discrete mathematics): I've kept on saying that Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) and Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (KKNJ) are two sides of the same coin; kinda like that Kaoru/Tomoe thing in RK. But ANYWAY if you don't believe me believe this.
3. Laptolicous: Nicholas Negroponte of MIT unveiled the design for a < $100 laptop which will be distributed to needy children. The laptop features all flash memory, 500 MHZ AMD, and runs Linux. All that said, this thing will be fast; I know you say 500 MHZ, but FLASH MEM?

Security Shuffle^(!)^

I noticed recently as I'm walking aimlessly with my iPod Shuffle plugged into my ears that there is always a certain high pitched noise whenever I come across a magnetic security device. Just some food for thought, but I was kinda irritated by the side-effect.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

FNN Hot Links, 9.28.05

1. FF:AC OST: Yeah it's out and about. Very enjoyable stuff.
2. Apple Apology: Apple has admitted to a manufacteuring flaw that affected the iPod Nano.
3. O Mother Manga: The manga artist behind such classics as Cyborg 009 released his complete encyclopedic anthology which will consist of 12 sets at a price of ~ $5000 USD.
4. Babelfish: Site for translating foreign text and websites.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

FNN Hot Links, 9.27.05

1. Bad Apple: problems with Apple's new iPod Nano have customers angry sometimes only a few hours after purchase.
2. Blog to the wise: The new book on smart blogging from Reporters Without Boarders guides the novice blogger out of the scary waters filled with RIAA sharks and DMCA whirlpools.

Eff Tor

Starting school again really made me realize the importance of online anonymity as everyone should value their privacy. Where your privacy and online rights are in question the Electronic Frontier Foundation comes to your aid. The eff not so long ago released The Onion Router or Tor. This application provides a good level of online anonymity to your web browsers and any application that can be proxied through SOCKS or http. Give the software a chance and help with the online safety of everyone.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Interwebs Down

I'm out of easy access internet for a while so I don't think this will change anything in the grand scheme of things. Get x/z to write a few posts!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Korean Kore

Seoul announced plans recently to build a fully functional combat robot in what can only be it's military ambition to pursue Japan in the Mecha race. What's next?! M9's, Newtypes, Zero system, Fafner units? And all pioleted by Koreans, OMG it's the end of the world.

Kanpeki Jan

U know you gotta love the bishonens, and after watching a good portion of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou and Souichiro Arima I kinda wish that I too can make flowers appear around my presence! PERFECTION IS MY LIFE!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Friday, September 23, 2005

FNN Hot Links, 9.23.05

Miina-san kobanwa desu!
1. Hand held anime on your PSP, very nice if it works?
2. TV Asahi's survey of the Top 100 anime of all time, from ANN. Personally I have a few issues with this list most notably the ranking Watsuki's RK and Hideki Anno's NGE and the absence of KKNJ also from Anno-san.
3. Now that we know some of the best anime to watch, we want to save it for later generations right? We'll that may not be so easy as we may enter the digital dark age. I guess we'll just have to hand copy every frame onto cells and keep them forever and ever...

Word Verification Commenting

Word verification for comments is now turned on. Good day from BOAS/Bo-San

Random Neko #4 & Clover

Hungry Honey & Clover Neko! Also I remembered the explanation for Clover featured in the Bishoujo anime Boku no Imouto Koi wo Suru being that C = lady thus Clover = Lady Lover. "What's up with Japan", recreational drugs and eggs... that's what's up with Japan.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

FNN Hot Links, 9.22.05

Yay! I came up with a better title!
1. Final Fantasy Advent Children OST to be released in Japan on the 9.28.05, some tracks can be previewed on the SE.
2. Free 411? Yeah, it's true thanks to consumer targeted advertising @ 1800-free411.
3. to appeal their case after receiving guilty verdict earlier in court.
4. Survey finds blogs relieve stress, wow this is the thing with Americans taking completely mundane facts and blowing money to study them just so they can sound smart.

Death from the Skies!

Yes, since the failed Star Wars program launched towards the end of the Cold War the United States has been itching to get back into space with a vengence. In the latest deployment of arms in space the US Airforce has launched a communications jamming satellite. This of course follows the proposal to deploy Marines from the upper atmosphere and finally have Space Marines!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stuff, 9/21/05

You come up with a better title for this crap!
1. Today I found this really cool website that is kinda like an anime image forum; check it out yourself @ Abma.X-maru.
2. With my new efficiency now that I've settled on one web brower - Firefox, I've found the joy of the animesuki RSS feed. Think live bookmarks and you're not that far off.
3. One more anime photoshop from yours truly, BOAS/Bo-San now on Flickr.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nero Showtime vs. InterVideo WinDVD

I watch a lot of DVDs from all over the world so I like to think that I can pretend to know what I'm talking about when it comes to DVD playback software. When it comes to the true DVD experience there are few all-purpose media players such as WMP, VCL, or Core Media Player that delivers as fully as the specialized Nero Showtime and InterVideo WinDVD. In a side by side comparision I found that the InterVideo WinDVD is slightly better than Nero Showtime simply for its' durable playback. Testing both DVD software with DVDs of several reigons and distributions I found the InterVideo product to play more discs more of the time. After playback begins, however, Nero Showtime is significantly better than InterVideo for its' ease of use and full functionality such as each chapter skip, subtitles, and screen captures.

Bubble Manga Artists

I finally finished watching Uta Kata today after months of procrastination and it was really good. I really enjoyed all the costumes worn by Ichika-chan and I wouldn't mind trying on a few myself (don't try to imagine that). Anyway, several well known manga artists also made some sketches for Uta Kta which really show off their styles. See it for yourself at Flaga Flickr Uta Kata.

Monday, September 19, 2005

E2: Every Extend

Awesome and addicting game of suicide! Give it the DL

Sunday, September 18, 2005

FMP:TSR & Shuffle! Okaeri!

The long awaited return of Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid episode 8 & Shuffle! episode 9 is finally here after their hiatus while the US Open aired. Okaerinasaimase Desu!

Sareba Tomoyo

This is the end... of x/z vacation... he's going back to school... which starts real soon... (western movie sfx)...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Random Neko #3

Primula's Neko from Shuffle!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Revolution Controller

Yeah, at the Tokyo Gameshow the Revolution's controller was finally shown. Frankly, it looks kinda weird to me. See for yourself at

Azumanga Daioh Class Album

Purchase the entire Azumanga Daioh Class Album DVD box which contains all 26 episodes from best buy for only $44.99 and save $24.99 from its list price of $69.98. Also provides free shipping and handling in the continental United States.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Weird Interwebs

I found this really weird site of morbid CG models of Japanese school girls. Visit at your own discretion, you have been warned!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Honey & Clover OST

The Honey & Clover Original Soundtrack is now available for enjoyment. Personally I really enjoy the songs from the Honey & Clover series, they're sort of like a melow Japanese rock.

Advent Children

I just finished watching the Japanese import of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and it is spectacular. Advent Children is what FF: The Spirits Within should have been. The CG animation is top notch, with so many high quality fight scenes. Nobuo Uematsu-sama returns with beautiful remixes of the old FFVII music and some exiciting originals. Last but not least, there is actually a decent storyline (gasp)! The only thing lacking was the rather shallow use of the other FFVII characters such as Cid, Barret, and Yuffie. The US release of Advent Children is scheduled for November 29th.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Naruto in the US

While I don't have Cartoon Network, my brother got a hold of a tape recording from his friend of the episodes and brought it home, thus giving me a chance to see what they changed. was kinda weird to me seeing the characters speaking English, although probably because I'm just used to seeing them speak Japanese. The voice acting was ok overall. Now, the intro music...hum. Don't like it, simple enough. It's just weird, even for American standards. I don't understand it, and there's barely any chord progression going on in the song.

Overall, it was ok. The music sucked, and the voice acting wasn't as good as the japanese, but I guess it was as good as it could get, although they could definately improve on the music.

Keiichi Anime Language Survey

Test your erudity (that isn't a word) in foreign languages at Keiichi anime and help the guy out.

Aoi = Blue & Green

I thought that I should mention that depending on the context the word Aoi in Japanese can stand for either blue or green. BTW that is a green bicycle right?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Today in the World of Flaga

And now for the 9:42 news with FNN: Flaga News Network,
New Honey & Clover screenshots uploaded on Flaga Flickr.
AIR Theatrical Release Review on Blue La Flaga, and thoughts of an update to the judging scale.
New Media on page 7 of Moonlight Flaga Media.
Around the world bored older sisters have trouble accepting their librarian positions.

Flaga Flickr!

New to the La Flaga Network is the Flickr page. The links are below:

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Naruto US Debut

Episodes 1 & 2 of Naruto is airing on the Cartoon Network Toonami block at 9 PM Eastern & Pacific tonight. In Japan episode 151 is airing next wensday Sept. 14th.


Nemu Nemu Nemu Nemu Nemu Nemu!!!! Kyaaaaaaa! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Nemu Nemu Nemu Nemu Nemu!!!!! Ahem... Please watch Da Capo Second Season.

Firefox, Only You... Can Make This Change in Me...

I've always had the problem that I could never settle on one web browser to use exclusively, in fact I had three, but now with a little bit of engineering I think I can finally settle on Firefox. The complaint that I've always had with browsers were their download and search limitations in that I couldn't really specify where I wanted certain files downloaded to or really search the websites I wanted to. However, now with Firefox extensions and hacks that's all become a thing of the past! First, I use the Firefox extension Download Sort 2.5.3 to control my downloads. Second, is the Attack of the Show Firefox/google search hack that allows you to search websites through google. Both these utilities can be tweaked to your heart's desire, and the links are provided below.
Download Sort 2.5.3
AOTS Search Hack

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm Back!

Hello everyone. I'm back from my Ohio trip for about 4 days now.

That's about it. If I have anything intelligent to say, I'll put it down, someday.

Maybe I'll add a random neko myself...

Random Neko #2

Utamaru from Da Capo!


Tamagoyaki for those of you who don't know Japanese is like an omelette except folded into many layers. To make tamagoyaki first beat as many eggs as you like into a bowl. Then depending on the volume of egg mixture one has, determine how many layers of omelette one would like. Based on that number start to fry 1/number of the mixture amount in a non-stick pan over low heat. Once the egg in the pan is almost cooked through, i.e. no more liquid; then add another 1/number amount of mixture into the pan. Quickly place the cooked egg over the raw egg mixture and cook the them both over low heat. Once the raw egg almost cooks fold the layer over the already cooked egg and repeat for as many layers as needed.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Random Neko #1

Yamamaya from Azumanga Daioh!

Japanese I'm Trying to Incorporate

These are mostly sounds that have some meaning associated with them that I'm trying to fit into my daily lexicon.
Ara Ara: Oh oh.
Ara Ara Ma Ma: Oh my oh my.
Uuuughhhh Sui-pasu!: Ummmm Sour!
Gao: Onomatopoeia for a baby dinosaur from the anime AIR, I use it when I'm whining.
Uguh: Sound made by Tsukimiya Ayu whenever she encounters something undesirable.
Gaku: Onomatopoeia for death/defeat.
Peace out from Bo-san!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

iTunes 5.0

I thought I'd upgrade to iTunes 5.0 today but it was such a frustrating experience that I gave up. First, 5.o is bundled with QuickTime which bites if you already have QuickTime. Second, the download kept on becoming corrupt so I had to redownload over and over again. Finally, iTunes pretty much tries to take over your machine when it's running; WTF? Thus I didn't install 5.0, what a waste of time. Also on the Apple iTunes download page where it asks your email address before the download, don't bother to give it as the download will work just fine if you leave that field blank.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Love Paper

It's just so useful, like you can write on it and make paper airplanes and another good thing about paper is Read or Die... Seriously I made a 4 ft cord studded with 50 individual Shinto style fortunes or O-mikuji today, it's so pretty! Maybe it's cause I'm just vain but I think that's just what I needed for the shrine. Sorry there's no pictures but u'know it's sacred ground, ;p

Monday, September 05, 2005

Wallpapers from BOAS

Two wallpapers from yours truly. Also available on Moonlight Flaga Media on Blue LaFlaga.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Can't Breath Enough AIR

That's right, the OVA entitled AIR in Summer or AIR Summer Special is available for enjoyment! After the TV series and Movie, I believe this completes the AIR triple threat. BTW has anybody else noticed that Asians like to use Macromedia Flash a lot?

Mahoraba ~ Heartful Days

I finished watching Mahoraba ~ Heartful Days a few days ago and I can wholeheartedly recommend this anime for any person. Mahoraba is a wonderful character driven story ideally suited to children and adults alike. With not less than five kittens, princesses, and a children's story book alternate narrative of the anime in Mahoraba this is just one of those feel good animes that is soo soo cute. Kawaiissu! To anyone who hasn't seen Mahoraba ~ Heartful Days, please watch it soon.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Blogger Warning!!!

Several of my blog posts have recently been spammed by advertisers with false links to their websites. I know that my readers would look at their progress bars to find the target of the link, but here's just a warning anyway. DON'T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THESE COMMENTS!!!


While shopping for instant noodles this afternoon I found myself with four products of Korean origin. After about five minutes of staring at the Korean food products in my cart I promptly returned them to the aisle. I find that everyone must maintain a certain consistency in one's life, be it Hyundai cars or Korean brand instant noodles.

Back from Beijing Mind and Body

As you probably know, I've been back from vacation for almost a week now and I've pretty much been feeling like the guy in the picture until recently. As of now, however, I feel well enough to tell my bard's tale of Peking so to speak in easy to read PDF format. It's titled Beijing Without Reservations, hahaha I'm dead!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai Licensed?!

Another anime that I'd thought would never be licensed has in fact been snatched up by media blasters and is scheduled to release in Oct. 2005. WTF??! I can't believe that this was licensed! Along with Onegai Twins and DearS this is the third time I've been wrong about license picks, just what is wrong with me? AM I TOO NORMAL?! A word of advice, Sukisyo is definately shonen-ai so don't watch it you guys if you don't want to have a lifelong mental scar!

High Quality Subs

Stop bitching about the high-quality subs vs. the speed subs O Ye who don't know shit about the Japanese language. Seriously buy a dictionary and let the rest of us enjoy the original Japanese.