Saturday, September 10, 2005

Firefox, Only You... Can Make This Change in Me...

I've always had the problem that I could never settle on one web browser to use exclusively, in fact I had three, but now with a little bit of engineering I think I can finally settle on Firefox. The complaint that I've always had with browsers were their download and search limitations in that I couldn't really specify where I wanted certain files downloaded to or really search the websites I wanted to. However, now with Firefox extensions and hacks that's all become a thing of the past! First, I use the Firefox extension Download Sort 2.5.3 to control my downloads. Second, is the Attack of the Show Firefox/google search hack that allows you to search websites through google. Both these utilities can be tweaked to your heart's desire, and the links are provided below.
Download Sort 2.5.3
AOTS Search Hack

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