Saturday, October 08, 2005

In the Fall, Say You'll Fall For Me

When autumn leaves are falling from the trees... Yes the new season of Fall anime has arrived in all the autumn hues of affection.
1. Canvas 2: The second release of the art shoujo/high school anime, how I feel it's been forever since I heard the words Onii-chan!
2. To Heart 2: The third installation of the To Heart series after the original To Heart and then the spinoff To Heart: Remember my Memories. I feel the pangs of nostalgia as auspicious in my heart as the stalk of leaf in my tea.
3. Play Ball: Baseball, not to sure about this one; good for the kids?
4. Mai Otome: Why does this translate into Mai HiMe sometimes? I thought that was different right?
5. Cluster Edge: Victorian era bishonen gentlemen academy action!
P.S. A little something called Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo snuck up behind be like the final singing of cicadas, check it out. Wives in Japan are getting interesting...

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