Saturday, December 24, 2005


It has come to my attention that some people (x/z ahem...) don't know the subtle differences in Japanese honorifics. The following list is ordered in terms of formality the top being the most formal.
1. Sama (Kaku) - Lord (Excellency)
2. Sama - Lord
2. Dono - Sir
3. San - Mr. or Miss
4. Senpai - Upper classman
5. Kouhai - Under classman
6. Kun - Guy familiar or younger female in professional realm
7. Chan - Girl famliar or young child of any gender
8. Tan - Cutesy misprounciation of -san used to denote intimacy
9. Rin - intimate familiar
10. Chi - Younger intimate familiar
11. (No honorific) - intimate familiar


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I thought "-dono" was higher than "-sama".

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