Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kashimashi~Girl Meets Girl~

Another new anime on the scene. Description from Animenfo:

Hazumu confessed his love to Yasuna, but was turned down. To ease his heartache, he went to Mt. Kashimayama where he’d first met her. However, he became lost and night fell. Suddenly, he saw a big shooting star in the sky. As he began to make a wish, he abruptly realised that it wasn’t a shooting star, but a falling space ship! Although he was injured in the crash, he managed to survive through the help of the alien occupant. However, he became a girl due to an accident during the reconstruction of his body.

P.S. I recently had the opportunity to view Magikano, also a new 06 anime. The first episode sucked, I don't have high expectations for the rest of the show.

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