Friday, October 05, 2007

Clannad Canned BREAD

As a promotion for the new television anime series Clannad, visitors to Japan Railways' Akihabara Station in October can pick up an unusual special edition snack: Clannad Canned Bread.

The bread is being sold in and around the station area at a cost of 350 yen (about US$3.20) per can. Some of the bread is being sold from vending machines. The packaging is similar to the canned oden often sold in the Akihabara area, but the bread itself draws inspiration from the bread shops seen in the Clannad series. The bread is available in seven flavors: chocolate, green tea, strawberry, butter, raisin, blueberry, and milk. The company responsible for developing and selling the bread is Pan Akimoto, who first developed the canned pastries in the wake of the Hanshin Awaji earthquake that struck the Kobe area in 1995.


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