Sunday, September 28, 2008

Final Geass - SPOILER

Spoiler *** Scroll over text to reveal:

The final episode of Code Geass aired very recently and I think the writers gave the most acceptable ending possible (Zero Requiem). Everyone had high hopes of high body counts; but it wasn't really meant to be... Overall, Code Geass is one of the best animes a collaboration between companies has produced. The only problem is the shallowness of having only 50 episodes present the content of easily twice that many.

Oh, and here's the RANT. In the episodes portraying the decisive battle for Tokyo between the Black Knights and Schnizel the ending of Suzaku firing Freya makes NO SENSE. Given that Orange-kun had joined Lulu on the side of *justice* and basic premises of Lelouch's strategic ability it's hard to believe Lelouch would have not given the order to dispell Suzaku's "live" geass. Having believed Suzaku just tried to betray him to Schnizel, Lelouch would not have been holding any lingering loyalty to any friendship. Then again, killing millions with Freya finally made Suzaku less of an EMO-hypocratic-punk-ass-b*t*h.

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