Thursday, June 18, 2009

Opera Unite (Our New Vanguard?)

Just spent a good hour playing around with Opera Unite--the highly publisized web browser widget that gives the Opera web browser basic web server functionality with almost no learning curve. First impressions certainly include a certain WOW factor that isn't to be had with traditional server software that usually leaves one tired and angry with the world... The process from installation to operation was extremely short and instantly gratifying (which being currently addicted to Discovery's Pitch Men series) is quite brilliant.

Now these are certainly first impressions and much more thorough thought has been put into this product: like these fine articles,



Or for those more numerically inclined (Mmm graphs)

I only read the InfoWorld article and from my perspective I think it misses the point. Opera Unite provides an extremely easy to use/functional webserver for those serious persons not given to the facebook[s] and myspace[s].

But the bottom line is would I run this as a 24/7 webserver? Probably not... Unless not until its proven by the online masses. To me web serving is still about dedicating hardware; exactly the wrong answer when it comes to Unite.

So to end this rather long post... LLOOOK a picture!

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