Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jikan ga Nai Desu!

Where has all my time gone? Anime, yeah that was a rhetorical question, but I was once asked "What takes up most of your time?", and I responded with some utter nonsense. After a while I thought about that question and the answer was clear "I'm lazy, so mostly I just watch a lot of anime". Anyway, this post isn't supposed to be a rant... Memento, it's a cool anime blog (in fact much better than this one) check it out. And fresh from the BBC news desk it seems that modern teenagers have much better spelling and grammer than their counterparts of yesteryear. Kewl mAn, us tottally rok! Oh, and on a side note patience is a virtue; anyone who waits for bleach once in a blue moon can tell you that! OH MY GOD, in his heaven; all's right with the world.

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